Who we are


We are a team of experienced midwives passionate about making the breastfeeding experience an enjoyable one.


Breastfeeding, for however long it lasts, provides an important opportunity to bond with and nourish your baby.

The right support can help you feel confident in your natural ability to care for your newborn.

The Breastfeeding Company in Edinburgh provides a personalised service that marries best practice with real-life solutions to help mums feel confident in their natural ability to care for their newborns.

We are positive about supplemental feeding if it enhances your breastfeeding experience.

Evidence-based techniques can help you overcome the challenges that often make it hard to continue breastfeeding alone.

We offer a variety of packages offering the best value for you.


The team



A coffee-loving midwife and unmumsy-mum of two with over ten years experience in the NHS. A mancunian with an Edinburgh twist. Passionate about empowering women to be happy, confident parents. Ruth loves running, cake, and her kids.



A mum and a midwife, Nicola has found her perfect job where she can be useful whilst not stopping chatting. She has a disproportionate love for mums, babies and all that comes with them. An Edinburgh lass with a smidgen of London; a city girl with country roots. Nicola has enjoyed working as a midwife in both London and Edinburgh for the last ten years.


We have both breastfed our children and like many our journeys were at times difficult. Not only do we understand breastfeeding from a professional point of view we also understand the joy, frustrations and difficulties that breastfeeding a baby can bring as a mother.

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What we do


The Breastfeeding Company offers specialist and expert advice to mothers, in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas, who want to breastfeed their babies, either exclusively or in combination with alternative options.


We know that every breastfeeding journey is different and will help you cherish the experience of nurturing and nourishing your newborn.


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We will spend time with you in the comfort of your own home and meet any challenges together, offering regular consultations for as long as you feel you need them.

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As fully qualified midwives and experienced mothers, we will support you in making the best choices for you and your baby.


Why do you need breastfeeding support?


Breastfeeding should be a joy but it can so often be traumatic bringing negative feelings of guilt and fear. Problems with breastfeeding can arise for many reasons, some simple to solve, some more complex. Research shows that breastfeeding is far more likely to be successful with support.

With over fourteen years combined midwifery experience we are able to use our knowledge and skills to address the issues you may face. We are not prescriptive or judgemental. We are passionate about making the experience of breastfeeding your baby a joyful one.

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Sessions and prices


- Available from anytime before your baby is born, to weaning

- In your home, your space

- Listen to your positives, challenges and concerns

- Offer practical research-based solutions and encouragement

Our promise from our first meeting is to support you on your breastfeeding journey


Package prices


The Breastfeeding Company recommends one of our packages as these offer best value for you. Single sessions are also available, as detailed below. We have a number of package options available:


Package 1


1x Antenatal session

1x Postnatal session

1x Follow up session

Phone calls as required



Package 2


1x Postnatal session

2x Follow up sessions

Phone calls as required


Group antenatal sessions are available on request


Individual sessions


A chance to gain understanding of how breastfeeding works and what to expect. You will feel more prepared and confident in the early days.

(Approx. 60 mins)



An initial consultation where we can listen to your concerns, observe and assess your feeding, and address any issues you may be facing.

(Approx. 90 mins)



A follow up visit for continued support and to reassess how feeding is progressing. We will offer advice, tips and practical help.

(Approx. 60 mins)



We accept all major credit cards and usually take payments at the beginning of each session and package.

Happy customers


Rebecca, Murrayfield

"I felt a little over confident after the arrival of my third child and didn't pay enough attention to his latch. This quickly led to blisters making it painful to feed.

Nicola explained the mechanics of attachment and why this was important. Being able to picture where my baby's mouth should be really helped my confidence. She also suggested different positions which helped to heal my blisters.

I now feel confident to feed out and about, and can really enjoy this time with him."



Jo, Leith

"Ruth is extremely professional as well as warm, and helped me develop confidence in establishing successful breastfeeding. We met before birth to gain invaluable tips and information as well as to understand what I wanted from breastfeeding. Ruth was then available after birth for quite a few sessions, particularly in the first few weeks and came to visit, discussing any challenges, and exploring different solutions and breastfeeding positions. She was also available by phone and text if I had a quick question. 

The knowledge that she was available gave me so much confidence and helped me relax in the early weeks. I was able to establish a really successful breastfeeding relationship with my daughter and exclusively breastfed for 6 months and still ongoing breastfeeding at 9 months."


Maxine, Costorphine

"I struggled with breastfeeding. The team at The Breastfeeding Company were most understanding and enabling in suggesting a variety of different approaches; this helped me choose the methods that worked best for me and I was soon able to successfully feed my baby and see him thrive as a result.  

They clearly delight in the miracle of pregnancy and in each of the newborns in their care. They do their utmost to equip new parents with all they need to nurture and enjoy their little ones.

Ruth is very pragmatic and will never push breastfeeding unless it's really what you want, which helps you feel like you can have very honest conversations with her. All in all it was a fantastic service and I feel very grateful to her, as it was one of my main aims!"


Get in touch


Email us at info@thebreastfeedingcompany.co.uk to arrange a visit.